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Annual Board Meeting - May 6, 2018

Emerald Valley Pickleball Club Meeting Minutes May 6, 2018
I. Call to order President, Roger Schaljo, called to order the regular meeting of the EVPBC at 1:15p.m. on May 6, 2018 at Keefer Center in Springfield, Oregon. II. Roll call The minutes from the conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Roger Schaljo, Gloria Cramer, Vicki Anderson, Lee Sorter, Mike VanOurkirk, Sally Ruxton, George Cox and Monte Bousquet. III. Approval of minutes from last meeting The minutes from thelast meeting had been emailed, read and were approved. IV. Open issues a) Election of Board Members – Gloria, Mike, Monte and Lee’s memberships on the board are scheduled to expire.  All four members voiced interest in staying on the board and there were other club members that expressed an interest in taking one of the upcoming open positions.  Therefore; Mike moved that Gloria be re-elected to the board, Sally seconded, all approved. Gloria moved that Mike be re-elected to the board, Vicki seconded, all approved. Vicki moved that Monte be re-elected to the board, Mike seconded, all approved. George moved that Lee be re-elected to the board, Mike seconded, all approved. b) Election of Officers – The two-year positions of Treasurer, Secretary and Vice-President would need to be filled: Gloria moved that Mike be re-elected as Treasurer, Monte seconded, all approved. Vicki moved that Gloria be re-elected as Secretary, Mike seconded, all approved. Gloria moved that Sally Ruxton be elected as Vice-President, Mike seconded, all approved.

c) Approval of payments to Dusty Johnson – On March 22, 2018 Dusty Johnson presented a proposal for the building of the EVPBC website, explaining in detail all that he would be needed to take the club’s website live.  The expense at that point was a total of $500.00.  His proposal was emailed to Roger, who in turn forwarded it to the board members.  Mike VanOurkirk made a motion, via email, to authorize a payment to Dusgty Johnson in the amount of $500.00 for website and newsletter creation, and related items, and $252.00 for reimbursement for payment to Squarespace web hosting for the first year.  Roger, via email, seconded and voted yes. The remaining board members voted in favor (except for Monte, who voted approval at the board meeting).  Recently Dusty notified Roger that Membership Works needed to be added to the website, and that the cost would be $300.00.  At the meeting, Mike VanOurkirk made a motion that a payment be made to Dusty in the amount of $300.00 for the additional work and program.  Vicky seconded the motion, and the proposal was approved.  d) Financial Report – Mike advised that the financial report had been posted on the display board in the meeting room for members to look at.  He reported that there was approximately $4,500.00 in the bank.  V. Adjournment of Business Meeting President, Roger Schaljo, adjourned the business portion of the meeting 2:10 p.m.
Current State of Pickleball:
 In the World:  There is an International Pickleball Federation that was created in 2015 that is currently working on having Pickleball in the Olympics.  There is no date as to when that may happen.  The growth of pickleball world-wide has grown so much that even China has asked Daniel Moore to come there to start it in their country.  

 In the United States:  On average there are 93-1/2 new locations too play every month, which equates to 313 new courts.  There are currently two and a half million players in the US at this time.
 Locally:   In 2015 we had 45 members    In 2016 we had 70 members    In 2017 we had 140 members    In 2018 we have 270 members Roger credits our facilities and the welcoming atmosphere this club offers that has made our growth so great.  Roger estimates that our numbers will probably double again in the next two years.      Facility Updates:  Outdoor: Meadow Park and Westmoreland Repairs -Roger has been in touch with the outdoor court contractor and he says he will be taking care of the crack and lifting “sooner than later”.   The repairs will be done before Westmoreland, as they have to wait until the warm weather comes and stays for a period of time before Westmoreland’s issues can be addressed.  It should be noted, that the contractor is under obligation to the cities, not the club.  We can only voice our concern.  When Meadow Park is repaired, it will take a couple of days to do.  Once the bad sections are repaired the courts should be good for 5 to 7 years.  Some of the areas that are raised cannot be repaired and will have to be tolerated.        Outdoor starting time - Lee asked about starting time at Meadow Park in concern for noise for the neighborhood.  Roger said last year they felt that 8:30 a.m. was a good time.  Roger thinks no one should start before 8 a.m.      Cottage Grove – Roger met with city officials who are planning to covert one tennis court into 4 pickleball courts.  There will be no permanent nets, but the city is going to keep an eye on play and participation, so they may provide nets in the future.      Junction City – Is still on hold for lack of interest.

 Indoor: Keefer Center  - Roger announced that The Keefer Center is listed as one of the top 12 facilities on the west coast.  Springfield is also considering a bond measure to add more outdoor courts.  There was some discussion again about the crowded condition of the facility, especially on Monday & Thursday.  Other entities have guaranteed space, so expanding the pickleball area is not feasible at this point, however, will be an issue to discuss with Willamalane again at some future time.  Scheduling play times may still be needed, based on skill level.      YMCA – has a lot of play and growing.  Since January 1st, forty new beginners have signed up and the Y has added two more days of play.  They have started a Junior PB Program which meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The long-range plan for the new facility will include more tennis and pickleball.  
FUTURE STATE OF PICKLEBALL Roger is making sure that the club has presence at all of these future planning events.    Eugene: There are two bond measures up for the May 15, 2018 vote.  One is for park maintenance.  The second is for park development which includes pickleball.    Civic Stadium and Kid Sports are looking to put in 4 75 x 50 basketball courts, plus two outdoor basketball courts.    Springfield: Is investigating the possibility of building a new track facility.  Roger has been attending the meetings, along with other groups who would be interested in using the facility.  There will be decisions made as to who will be invited to use it based on an interview panel.  The people developing these plans were aware national craze, however they didn’t know how active this community was in the sport.  There will be a report forthcoming in three to four weeks.  
ACTIVITIES:  Clinics: Scott Moore, who is the top players in the world, will be in our area on August 4, 2018.  He will hold a clinic either at Meadow Park or Westmoreland.  There will be a clinic for two hours for 3.0’s, two to three hour clinic for 3.5’’s and a three to four hour for 4.0’s.  The cost will be around $30.00 per hour.    Boot Camp: Scott Moore will also be holding a Boot Camp in Redmond from August 6th thru the 8th.  The details will be on the EVPBC website. 

 Round Robin Tournaments: These tournaments will be open to club members and area players.  The dates are:  June 22, 23 and 24; July 20, 21 and 22; August 24, 25 and 26.  There will be more information coming on the website. 
WHOOZIN:   Skills and Drills:   Barb Oderman has been playing in the winter in southern Californi.  While she was there she participated in some skills and drills sessions.  She is using a new app to invite people to attend some of these skill sessions locally.  At this time the activity includes only 3.5 and 4.0’s.  This is not an official club activity yet, however, Roger is interested in seeing how this comes along.  If there is a great deal of interest the club may want to make it a club activity.  
 Recycling bottles and cans: Ali and Mike reported there is approximately $450.00 in the recycling fund.  These funds will be mostly used to provide refreshments, etc. for local activities.    Ali explained the process for using the green bags (which cost .20 each, and .35 to process).  She noted that only small bottles should be used, because of the bag and process cost, filling the bags with half-gallon or larger bottles doesn’t make the process profitable.  (Please check the website for more information).   The bags are available in the lock box at Meadow Park or can be obtained from Mike and Ali.  Mike will also take the full bags to turn in if he is playing at Meadow Park.  
 Tee-Shirts:  Last year’s shirts were all sold out.  There is a new one which will be on the website.  Mike wants to check interest in the newer version.  A minimum of 150 needs to be ordered at one time.  A variety of styles and colors will not be offered.
 Website: Dusty did a demonstration of the website.  He noted that from now on membership renewals will take place one year from the date of each individuals join date (not particularly in May, which has been the case).  He also noted that if anyone wants to add something to the website, it will first have to be cleared thru Roger.  There is also a place on the website for members to see the calendar for the Keefer Center for each month.  The website also includes a schedule for the YMCA as well.  E-mailing will be easy from the member porthole.  There is a place on each member’s profile where you can submit an email to them.  The email address is protected and cannot be

seen on the profile page.  There is a place on each member’s personal page where you can opt out of showing your information.    It should be noted that the website is open to the public, however, the membership part of the website is closed to viewing.  
Volunteers Needed:  Website & Facebook: Mike noted that the club is looking for volunteers to help Dusty keep the website up to date.  He also noted that the club needs people who are willing to work on keeping Facebook updated.  Dusty said to be sure to get: Who, What, When, Where and Why before submitting anything to the website.   Lee Sorter volunteered to help with the website, as well as Dennis Schuelke and Gary Schide. Eugene Celebration:  Roger would like to see the club participate in the Eugene Celebration (expecially the parade).  He requested volunteers to take charge of getting that done.  Sally Asay, Vicki Anderson and Gloria Cramer volunteered to make costumes and get the club registered.     
Minutes submitted by:  Gloria Cramer, Secretary Minutes approved by:  Name