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Equipment Lock Boxes...


The club has provided Equipment Lock Boxes that include balls, paddles, first aid kit, bottle/can bags (for fundraising), and eventually a court blower located at the following locations:

Meadow Park Code: 1-3-5-7-9
Westmoreland Park Code:  3-8-7-2

The codes are for the realtor box that is on the side of the storage box. Punch in the code then slide the button down which is above the numbers. The face of the lock will come off and the key to the storage box will be there. Take out the key, open the two locks on the storage container and lift the lid. Then put the key back in the realtor box and make sure it is locks. This way you don’t need to keep the key in your pocket or anywhere else.

If you leave while people are still playing, please make sure to remind the people who will be there last to lock the container. It locks by just pushing in on the locks. Please make sure all nets and balls are stored properly. During weekday play in the morning, it would be great if the first one there would put balls in each of the ball holders located in each quadrant. If you are done on a court and know no one else will be coming to your courts please put away the balls. The last ones off the court, make sure all balls are stored in the container and the container locked.


Club provided balls... 

The club provides balls at our outdoor courts that are stored in member lock boxes. The balls run more than $3.00 each. It takes a lot for these balls to break or wear out, so reduction would come from people “forgetting” to return them to the box.  The Club will provide balls unless they keep disappearing. 

Organized OUTDOOR play... 

The court committee came up with a general policy for play. The Schedule reflects their recommendations. Generally it is organized skill based play from 8:30 to 10:30. At 10:30, Open play. That means Social play and open to the general public. But this does not mean that guests or non club members are not allowed. We have a sign up for a reason. YOU ARE WELCOME HERE. We will encourage non club members to become members and we will welcome out of town guests with open arms. Other times for Beginners: 10:30 on Monday and Tuesdays and Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30. (This is a drop in basis, no instruction.)

Skill based play for OUTDOOR PLAY...

At Meadow park there are paddle holders for next on court play. Each one will have a play level marked on it. For example, courts 5 and 6 will be for 4.0 players and up. Courts 3 and 4 will be for 3.5. Courts 7 and 8 for 3.0 players and 1 and 2 for Beginner level.
If you don’t know what level player you are, go with what you think you may be. If you have no idea, you can ask my opinion or you may access rating descriptions from International Federation of Pickleball. Over time, if you keep losing at the level you are designated, then you should move down. If you are winning all your games at the level you are playing, then move up one level and see how you do.

Members Discount on Equipment...


EVPC members get a 10% discount  on equipment purchased at when you use the discount code CREVPBC when placing your order. When you do so, 5% of the sale will go to the EVPC Club at the end of the year.

Members Discount on Paddles...


EVPC members get a 10% discount  on Paddletek paddles when purchased through area representative Roger Schaljo. Roger carries a full line of demo paddles that allow you to try before you buy. For more information, contact Roger at

Ways to help the Club...

Donating cans and bottles is an easy way to help the Club financially. We have an account with the Oregon BottleDrop. Green bottle bags are available with our account number on them from Ali Campbell or Mike VanOurkerk, or at the Meadow Park or Westmoreland storage boxes.

  • New Rule of Thumb: Generally, if you can pour it and drink it, it’s covered by deposit unless it’s one of the specifically excluded beverages (distilled spirits, wine, milk, infant formula, and meal replacement beverages)

  • There is a 20 lb maximum weight for the bags.

  • Please verify that the containers included are valid for redemption in Oregon. Either printed on the label or stamped on the top of a can, will be OR.

  • The bar code must be able to be scanned. This means that cans cannot be crushed and bottles need an intact label.

  • All eligible items are redeemable for 10 cents, regardless of the size.

  • Last, the items should be completely empty and reasonably clean.